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Our organic gourmet quality extra virgin olive oil ROSATI, which is exclusively produced from our trees, is available in different varieties, by type of olives, harvesting time and method, and each one is ideal to meet the flavour needs of every type of culinary creation.


The continous diligent care of our plantation, as well as the natural harvesting process and the storage into bright impervious and oxygen -free cink canisters, are the foundation and the guarantee for the highest quality level and outstanding freshness and aroma. 


The ROSATI extra virgin olive oils are higly praised by experts because of their  range of elegant aromas - without unwelcome bitterness and spice - and their extremely low acidity  (only  0,1% to 0,25%).


These olives of Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Frantoio, Leccino and Pecholine

varieties are exclusively hand-picked in early November. The oil is fruity and spicy in character with a long and herbal finish.


ROSATI  DOP - Collina di Brindisi  

Harvested in November, the se olives are being collected from the extra large Ogliarola trees with the help of shaking tools.  Up to 30%  of this PDO-protected designations of origin- olive oil comprises the fruity variety, which gives it a very elegant nose of freshly cut grass.



Exclusively comprising the Ogliarola variety, this olive oil is harvested at the end of November. Very delicate olive aroma, perfectly balanced and soft. 


Produced from handselected single variety olives: 

Leccino: hand-picked olives at the end of October. This oil is characterized by a greenish-gold color, a delicate aroma and flavours of fresh and medium ripe fruits, with an aftertaste of sweet almond. 


Cima di Melfi : this oil offers a very harmonic taste. The fresh fruit aroma combined with a green tomato flavour proceeds to leave you with an excellent spicy character.


Coratina : very typical Apuly olive variety, this oil is intense and robust, with a pepery kick and green, grassy flavours, which remind you of artichoke. 

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